Equip your car

Sometimes we spend a lot of time in the car, so it is important that it is well equipped.
The acquisition of equipment related to safety or comfort can be a good start.
Enjoy the security provided by the driving assistance equipment, speed control, a camera or a parking sensor, a navigator or GPS, which will allow you to reach your destination without worry, or a camera recorder, with detection of movements that will allow you to capture if you have a traffic accident.

Do not forget that the hands-free kit is essential to be able to use the phone in the car.
It is one of those equipments that, in addition to facilitating driving, make it safer.
You will also like to have comfort equipment that will help make your journey more pleasant: car radios, audio headphones, speakers, car video players ... The trips will be shorter for parents and children! Discover the whole selection of CARWAYS.



Install a multimedia system in your car and connect your car. In CARWAYS we install it for you. So you can enjoy the latest technologies.The integrated multimedia systems in the car are increasingly present, and although at the beginning it was reserved for rather expensive brands, now they can even be found in low cost brands.

What is a multimedia system?

We can use different names to refer essentially to the same, although there may be certain different details: multimedia systems, multimedia connectivity system, telematic system, info-training system, connected browser ...

We refer to a solution that evolves the car's sound equipment. A multimedia system is characterized by expanding the possibilities and improving the user interface, with respect to a basic sound equipment.

Typically they have a larger color screen, sometimes tactile, but not always, steering wheel controls or a specific joystick-like control in the center console extension (usually when the screen is not touch). And sometimes, it also has a voice control system.

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