In CARWAYS we have the original headlights of the leading brands. The best original lighting catalog in which quality and breadth of range differentiate the product. We also offer the latest technologies in Xenon headlights, LED optics, etc.


In CARWAYS we are specialists in car pilots. We distribute original quality lighting and work with the best manufacturers. We have a great coverage of both cars and industrial vehicles, backed, in addition, by first-line suppliers.

Revolving Light

The whole range of industrial revolving lights for tourism with leading suppliers in the market.


Car Lighting System

The car lighting system (and in general of any vehicle that circulates on a public road) is fundamental because, as you well know, it allows us to see and be seen. Although we do not realize, it is a security system (and not just a set of lights that allow us to drive at night). Since the car is a car, this system has evolved along with the available technology.


42% of accidents with fatalities occur in situations of low visibility, according to the DGT. To avoid them you must bear in mind that the wear of the lamps, the simple passage of time or the accumulated dirt in the headlights of your car can make your beam of light reduce by up to 50%. That is why it is convenient to check the headlights, putting into practice the tricks that we indicate and, even, changing the lamps if they are more than five years old - with time they light less.


  • Adjust the lights

Cars that do not carry xenon offer the possibility of regulating the height of the headlights to avoid that you dazzle other drivers when you are loaded; Make sure you carry them in the "0" position if you go empty, and lift them up to "3" as you increase the vehicle's load.

  • Clean the lamps every two years

Unplug the lamp terminals and take them out carefully - no need to disassemble the headlight as you do it through the engine compartment. Wipe them with dry kitchen paper without touching them with your fingers - in that case they can melt.

  • Clean the headlights inwardly

It is a laborious process, although it should be done every two years. How? Disassemble the headlight - removing the screws with which the engine is fixed and unplugging the lights from the lamps without touching them with your fingers -. Next, introduce water and soap into the interior of the headlight and rub its surface with a chamois leather. Then, rinse it with water, let it dry for about three hours and then replace it - again connecting the lamps -. Remember: if you doubt, before removing the headlight read the manual of your car.

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