CARWAYS offers you an oil and filter change in just twenty minutes to tune up your vehicle. In the same service we can check the level of the cooling circuit, brake fluid, suspension systems and vehicle steering (in this case, it will take 60 minutes).

The periodic revision and replacement of elements such as the oil and the filter of the car is vital to extend the life of your propeller. Hence, between revisions it is essential to check the level of the oil with the cold mechanics and the vehicle parked on level ground. The indicator on the dipstick should show a maximum level. The amount of oil must not exceed its maximum; If it is too low, it will have to be added independently of the previous revision.

Checking the oil level is a simple operation that requires a few minutes. It is an essential action to perform, for example, before facing a trip. The degradation or lack of this element, produced with the passage of kilometers and driving style, can cause costs and significant mechanical damage.

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