CARWAYS helps you with the alignment, it is the necessary process to maintain the stability in the driving of the vehicle and prolong the life of the tires, in short, make sure that the tires work in parallel and that they have contact with the pavement in the right angle.

When should I do the wheel alignment?

Every time you change the tires, you notice a tendency of your vehicle to move aside,you make a change of shock absorbers or in general every time your car direction needs a maintenance service.

What is alignment about?

The alignment or parallelism consists of placing both the tires of each axle in parallel, as well as the axes to each other; besides adjusting the different angles of the tires according to the values ​​given by the vehicle manufacturer.

Why it is necessary to do the alignment?

Any hit when traveling on the road or in a path, a curb or a bump can cause the tires to become misaligned, which translates into less performance and premature tire wear.

The alignment of your vehicle includes:

  • Aligning an axle of your vehicle
  • Review of 12 basic security points of your vehicle
  • Labor and VAT included


It is recommended to make the alignment whenever you change the tires of your car or once a year. It improves performance and extends the life of your tires.

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