The brakes are essential. The braking system is one of the main systems of the vehicle to have total safety. The mechanics of cars check them with priority since no faults are admitted.

The brake system is based on the brake pads, which stop the "brake disc" by friction between both elements. When we brake the car we are pressing the brake pads against the brake disc, thereby decreasing the speed of rotation of the wheels.

The system is designed to withstand high temperatures and to withstand the wear and tear of time. However, both brake pads and discs must be controlled by car mechanic experts to ensure efficient and effective operation at any time or at any risk.

If excessive wear is detected in any of the elements that are part of the braking system, it should be replaced in your car workshop immediately.

The brakes wear out and must be replaced. It is not based on treating the vehicle well or badly, they are an element that notices the passage of time.

It is understandable that the brakes deteriorate with the kilometers made. The faster we drive, the faster the wear occurs and we should check more frequently.

There is another factor that also affects the wear and is subjective, the driving style of each and the circumstances of circulation, it is not the same to make km of highway than of city.



ABS Anti-lock Braking System

The use of ABS brakes is increasingly widespread and maintenance operations, as in conventional brakes, are essential for proper operation of this system which is key to ensuring the safety of the occupants of the car. CARWAYS repairs faults in ABS brakes.

We are pioneers in the repair and programming of digital systems, switchboards, panels, ECUs, ABS, immobilizers, BSI, etc.

What is the ABS braking system?

The ABS may be the active safety system that most risk situations have avoided to drivers, ensuring at all times the ability to govern steering during braking and, thanks to its improvement, reducing the braking distance .

Antilock Brake System, this is the meaning of these three English abbreviations that refer to one of the greatest advances in active safety in the automobile.

The main purpose of the braking equipment of a vehicle is to reduce the speed at which it moves and, therefore, cause the wheels to stop spinning. However, due to the inertia it is possible that our car is still moving, even if the wheels are completely stopped. This has a very important drawback and that is, if the wheels do not turn, but the car keeps moving it does so without control over the trajectory that we want to perform.


Selection of shock absorbers and protection kits

Circulate with maximum safety thanks to the range of shock absorbers and protection kits that CARWAYS offers you. It is recommended to replace the car's shock absorbers every 80,000 km approximately. The shock absorbers guarantee comfort and optimum grip, reducing the emergency braking distance. In addition, they serve to absorb shocks and reduce mechanical wear.

In CARWAYS you can quickly and efficiently assemble your shock absorbers: enjoy the assembly services of the shock absorbers with the first brands and at the most competitive price. For this, it will be enough to make an appointment in our workshop.

Vehicle suspension system

The suspension system of the vehicle is responsible for keeping the wheels in contact with the ground, absorbing the vibrations, and movement caused by the wheels in the movement of the vehicle, so that these blows are not transmitted to the frame.

Propulsion system or power train

It is the system that uses a vehicle to move. This includes several types of components: engine, transmission system, drive shafts, differentials, wheels, propellers, tracks, batteries and fuel tank.

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