At CARWAYS  we know that air conditioning and climate control are essential comfort equipment nowadays. Although its use is easy, air conditioning is actually a more complex system than we imagine. In addition, it is becoming increasingly sophisticated (active filters, climate control, dual zone, etc.).

Many times we forget about it in winter, when the heat arrives and we start it, we realize that something is wrong. We must check the tightness of the system and its level of load, for its correct operation. The refrigerant gas is a very polluting chemical element subject to raised tax rates, so we must perform an annual maintenance of the system, save us money and help preserve the environment.

There are many indicators that the air conditioning of your vehicle needs to be checked: air that is not cold enough, bad odors in the passenger compartment.

At CARWAYS we can offer you a simple cargo check, leak check and even options to ensure a clean and healthy air in the cabin.

We do a FREE review of the entire air conditioning circuit of your car to detect possible faults:

  • Indoor temperature control of the passenger compartment
  • Control of pressures in the circuit
  • Visual status of the air conditioning elements
  • Dehydrating bottle control
  • Diagnosis of the cabin filter

Likewise, the CARWAYS technical service can help you with the set-up of your car's air conditioning:

  • Repair of gas leaks in the air circuit
  • Repair of the compressor / filter of the air conditioning of your car
  • Cleaning and / or change of particulate filter
  • Refrigerant gas charge
  • Repair the air conditioner if it does not cool
  • Clean the circuits to avoid bad odors
  • Cleaning or unblocking of the air conditioning drain

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